About Us

About 50Sols

50sols is software and app development company specializing in taking your vision from idea to launch. Whether you’re a small company or Fortune 50, our blend of strategy, design, and development allow us to deliver impactful, elegant, and built-to-last solutions
  • Design & build mobile apps for both Android and iOS.
    We understand the challenges of building a mobile app. You’ll need your app to work on multiple devices, follow new policies released by iOS and android, and be approved by the app store deployment process.
  • We have extensive experience developing native apps for both android and iOS as well as using cross-platform technologies like Xamarin to speed up the development process and decrease maintenance costs.


  • Development that meets the needs of an entire organization.
    Whether you need to automate a workflow, integrate systems, develop an API, rewrite a legacy app, or create something new, we’re capable of developing software that meets your goals. (solves your problem)
  • Our deeply experienced team has a broad set of skills, allowing us to see your problem from every angle. We can help your business become more efficient and drive growth through new software-based initiatives.