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    مجموعة شركات المستشار
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have established Almustshar International Property Co as a solidarity for buying, selling, leasing and renting all types of properties and lands and manage properties of others.
We are Licensed and accredited by all government agencies of Kuwait to provide all the services and various real estate products in  Kuwait and abroad.
Our  strategy is to search for the best real estate investment opportunities in all parts of the world and add it to the investor’s options. In  addition, the company has signed memorandums of understanding on a variety of other real estate projects, which will be announced to the investors.
Our goal is Permanent commitment to communicate with our customers and provide them with all advices they need.
We will put our expertise to get to the highest degree of transparency in our deals, take precautions with all legal guarantees due to the rights of costumers, keep the client’s account and data confidential we do all these to guarantee profit, comfort and safety for customers, and maintain credibility, which aims to win the trust of our customers.

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